Application for
jewellers Association show 2019

Stall Booking (Mandatory)

(Mention the name, which is to be printed on the fascia)
Tax : Compostion/Scheme

DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBITS (please Tick as Applicable)


Area(sq.mts) Laminated Table Chairs Glass Top Showcase
H 1m, W 1m, D 0.5 m
with 1 LED Strip
3 feet long
Tall Showcase
H 1m, W 1m, D 0.5 m
with 1 LED Lights
Spot Light
(with LED Light)
Waste Paper Basket Power Socket
(5/15 Amp.)
9(3x3) 1 2 1
1 1

I/We, on behalf of M/s.

1. Agree to abide by the praticipation guidelines, Terms, Rules & Regulations.

2. Agree to have and maintain our own valid and adequate insurance cover during the exhibition.

3. Confirm that all information provided by us is true and correct.

4. Agree to provide figure of sale made during the jas 2019, to be submitted at the end of the show

Note: This Form Needs to be Submitted along With full Payment